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soprol's Journal


I'm from Canada and think Canada is awesome except for the winters, which can reach minus 50 degrees Celsius at times. School seems to never be cancelled for the weather though. Why? I have no idea.

I'm 19, and loving it!!!

I'm in my second year at university to get my Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature.

I have two dogs, both female, one a Nova Scotia Duct Tolling Retriever (or more commingly known as a Toller) who is nine years old now. The other one is a Shetland Sheep dog (or a Sheltie) but is one the miniature side and looks like a puppy even though she is a three years old! Umm, both are trouble makers and will get into anything and everything edible, one of the reasons we have child proof locks on all of our cupboard doors! It's a miracle that they are both still alive though in between the two of them they have consumed a lot of chocolate, milkbones (one and a half of the Costco size tubs) and a ton of pasta.

My friends are awesome, though we are so different that it's kind of funny when you see a choir girl (me) hanging with girls on the basketball and volleyball teams...even though I can't play those sports to save my life. The only three sports that I can somewhat play are curling, skiing and any martial arts.

I can sing relatively well, though if you ask my sister, she'll say that I can't sing to save my life. She and I have never gotten along and never will, we are just too different. I have passed my grade 6 vocal royal concervatory exam with high honours, though I thought I did a horrible job because I messed up on my only english song and the fact that it repeated did not help my ego a bit. I love singing in different languages such as Hungarian, Norweigian, French (I am fluent in French as well), Italian, Yiddish and German, though it is my least favourite language to sing.

I can also play the piano, though I can sing a lot better than I can play the piano.

I am crocheting a blanket right now, however, I have carpel tunnel in both my wrists so I can only do so much before I need a break.